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Blog update frequency affects hit rate

If you have visited my blog before, you may notice that my blog is not updated frequently sometimes. I went to look at my statistic today and I realized that my hits rate dropped a big time compare to the month that I have several new posts. It looks like the more I post, it will attack more people to come to read my blog.

I didn’t have time to update the blog because I didn’t have time to find something interesting to write about. I was hoping to do some more lab works and write something about those labs, but end up I am too tired to do so after a long day work.

It is good to see my blog still getting visitors, I should really get some time to update my blog more frequent to give more information out about Networking, IT or Photography.

Google Adsense keep on working well……

I wrote an blog entry about the Google Adsense was working for me. Someone left me a comment and want me to talk about how I made it work…

I didn’t have an intention to make money via Google Adsense. I applied a Google Adsense account purely for testing purposes to see how many visitor I have and if anyone interested in the advertisement…..

My Adsense started generating money after I posted about the battery problem I have on the Apple’s new OS Lion. Supprisingly, there were a lot of people in the same boat as me having the same problem and searching for solutions on the internet….

And my blog entry was searched by the web search engine and matching the terms people search. All of a sudden, that post draw thoursands of visitors to my site. And the google adsense counter just keep on counting and seeing incoming from Google Adsense.

I guess if you want to make money from Adsense, you have to have quality contents which can drive visitors to your site and the more visitors you have, the more chance of getting more money from Adsense.

I am happy that my blog is generating a few dollars per month.

Google Adsense does work….

When you see this post, I believe you have found this via google search or by other cross-link from other web sites.

The reason that I write this post is because I am so suprised with the money generated in Google Adsense. I have opened a Google Adsense Account for many years. I have my own blog for a while back in 2007, however, I have never updated it regularly. Hence, I have never seen any income on the Adsense portal.

Last year, I have written something about the Mac Book Pro Battery Problem after upgarde to Lion Operating System. The number of visitors come to my blog jumped up from 1 digit to over 3 digits daily. Of course not everyone will click on the Google ads, but I still get 4 – 10 clicks every month from that onwards. This blog is now generating $4 a month. It is not an income that can support my living, however, it will be a good motivation for me to write more stuff.

Thank you for visiting my blog. You may not get any usefull information. However, your visit motivates me to write more stuff in here. 🙂

How does group deal web site damage your business? Part 2

The deals web sites ripped off the business owners. This doesn’t really cause any damage to your business. The real damage to your business is the reputation.

Why? A service or a product was normally selling at $40, but now a customer and use $20 to buy it. Let’s think this from a customer’s prospective…… This is a ripped off, it is now selling at $20 and I believe the company is still profitable but this was selling that at $40. Customer will not come to buy that service/product for the original price again.

This may not cause major impact to businesses that sell products, but it definitely cause damage to businesses that sell service.

People who bought the deal will go to your shop to get the service that they paid for (at a 50% discount price). Will they come again? As far as what I have got told from my friends.. NOPE. Those customers who bought deals will not come back again.

Most of the people who bought deals from those deals web site are “DEAL Hunters”. They hunt for cheap deals and get cheap service. When your service is not selling at discount price, they will not come.

So if your intention is to draw more customers from those daily deals web site, don’t bother to try them. As you will not get any promotion effect out of it. To run a business, you want return customers, you don’t want someone just come once because your price is cheap and never come again.

As a conclusion, daily deals will not help your business, but make you to do something for nothing, sometimes, you even spend money for nothing. You may consider a proper advertisement to advertise your business instead of running deals.

How does group deal web site damage your business? Part 1

Business Owners who want to promote their business by offering some discount deal to attract more customers. Most of them will use the popular group deals web sites, for example :,,,,,, etc.

There are thousands of daily deals web sites nowadays, however, NONE of them will help your business. Why I would make a comment like this??

I have friends who run different sort of businesses around Sydney and engaged the above group deals web sites to promote their businesses. The business types include beauty salons, nail make up, hair salons, restaurants, products, etc.

Your business need to qualify to be advertised on their platforms, most of them request you to provide AT LEAST 50% discount. Secondly, your business need to be interested to their audients. If the number of purchase is less than 100 in the first hour after they listed the deals, your deal will be cancelled. Thirdly, the deals web site often ask for commission up to 50% of the deal.

Let us do a calculation here. If you have a service or product which normally sells for $40, when you list this on those deals web sites, you have to sell it at $20 and up to $10 need to pay as a commission to the web site owner. As a result, a normal $40 service, you only get $10 back. In a normal business operation, business owner will mark up the price for a profit, now you have to ask yourself, in my example can $10 cover your cost for a $40 service/product.

In other words, there is a chance for each deal purchase, you are losing money. The winner will be the web site owners because they do nothing but just sitting there making money from their referrals.

I still haven’t answered my own question how does that damage your business…. Will be continue in Part 2.

No Update……

I haven’t been updating my blog for over a months now. I am too busy with personal stuff and a lot of planning and training. There is no time for me to do anything. I haven’t been taking photos for over a month now.

For my Mac Book Pro, ever since I have updated to 10.7.1 I have never done any other update or fix to it. I am quit happy with the previous posted method to get more battery out of it. Now waiting for the new iPhone to come out.

Exetel is providing 7 months free ADSL2+ connection!

I have received an email from Exetel. It is a very good deal now for people who is not with Exetel or looking for change service provider. Exetel is now providing 7 months FREE internet connection for new customer who is referred by current customer. I am Exetel customer and I have received the following email. If you are looking for ADSL2+ connection, you may contact me and I will give you my service number to fill in the online order form. I get $30 as a commission and you get 7 months free!

Continue reading

The One Magazine Web Page New Look

The One Magazine has changed a new web pages. More contents and information in related to the newest fashions, events, technologies and automative. It is a Chinese/Japanese magazine published in Sydney and distributed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  From time to time, I do some articles and photography work for them. With their new updated web site, it provides more information for readers online all the time.

A Black Box for car

During my visit in Hong Kong last month, I saw something interesting in an electronic shop. They were selling something called “Automotive Black Box” it is something like a “Block box” which used on an aeroplanes. It is also called an accident recorder, which can be used as a video Evidence if you had an accident and someone was at fault. i.e someone reverse into you, but said you hit him from the back. Continue reading

The One Magazine June Issue 16 released!

The June issue The One Magazine has been released. It is available to be pick up from there distribution networks.

The One Magazine is now available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It provides the newest information about fashion, automative, information technology, food and drink, etc.

To keep yourself up to date, get a copy now 🙂