Google Adsense keep on working well……

I wrote an blog entry about the Google Adsense was working for me. Someone left me a comment and want me to talk about how I made it work…

I didn’t have an intention to make money via Google Adsense. I applied a Google Adsense account purely for testing purposes to see how many visitor I have and if anyone interested in the advertisement…..

My Adsense started generating money after I posted about the battery problem I have on the Apple’s new OS Lion. Supprisingly, there were a lot of people in the same boat as me having the same problem and searching for solutions on the internet….

And my blog entry was searched by the web search engine and matching the terms people search. All of a sudden, that post draw thoursands of visitors to my site. And the google adsense counter just keep on counting and seeing incoming from Google Adsense.

I guess if you want to make money from Adsense, you have to have quality contents which can drive visitors to your site and the more visitors you have, the more chance of getting more money from Adsense.

I am happy that my blog is generating a few dollars per month.

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