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Google Adsense does work….

When you see this post, I believe you have found this via google search or by other cross-link from other web sites.

The reason that I write this post is because I am so suprised with the money generated in Google Adsense. I have opened a Google Adsense Account for many years. I have my own blog for a while back in 2007, however, I have never updated it regularly. Hence, I have never seen any income on the Adsense portal.

Last year, I have written something about the Mac Book Pro Battery Problem after upgarde to Lion Operating System. The number of visitors come to my blog jumped up from 1 digit to over 3 digits daily. Of course not everyone will click on the Google ads, but I still get 4 – 10 clicks every month from that onwards. This blog is now generating $4 a month. It is not an income that can support my living, however, it will be a good motivation for me to write more stuff.

Thank you for visiting my blog. You may not get any usefull information. However, your visit motivates me to write more stuff in here. 🙂