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Valentine’s Day Dinner

I found a special restaurant online which is not accessible by car. You have to go there by a boat.


It has a good water view. The name of the restaurant called Berowra Water Inn. The food was great and the service was excellent.


A boat will pick you up from the docks at the east side or west side if you don’t have one.

You can visit their website for more information. Berowra Water Inn

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First taste of a New Shanghaiese Restaurant in Chatswood – Shanghai Stories 1938

I went shopping with my wife last weekend in Chatswood. At around lunch time, we felt hungry and we decided to have a shanghaiese lunch at New Shanghai Restaurant. However, there was a very long queue so we decided to have lunch somewhere else.

While we were walking towards Chatswood Chase, we saw a new Shanghaiese Restaurant called Shanghai Stories 1938 in the new building off Victoria Ave. We then changed our mind to have lunch in there.

We ordered the traditional Shanghaiese Dishes – Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Pork and Broth Bun) and Pan Fried Pork Bun.

The food there are nice, although the price is a bit more expensive than New Shanghai Restaurant, however, what you pay is what you get. You get BETTER service, BETTER food, Cleaner environment.

We only paid $35.4 for 2 persons, including tea and 5 different dishes(dim sum).

I will definately go again in the near future and I highly recommend this restaurant for people who like Shanghaiese food.

Their web site address is

Beware of $8.8/half kg Crab – 南苑海鮮酒家 Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Just had a dinner at Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant (located in Beverly Hills, Sydney) with some of my friends, the reason we picked that restaurant was because my friends want to have the discounted crabs there. As advertised on their food menu, Monday to Friday Dinner Crabs are selling at $8.8 per half kg. which is $17.6 per kg. What I normally see those in the market is around $29.99 per kg, which is nearly 45% off the market price + someone cook them for you. Sound like it is a good deal.

We have 12 people and we ordered a total 7.4kg Crabs, when the dishes arrived we looked at them, we found that the size of the crabs didn’t look like they worth 1kg each. there were a total of 7 crabs in the dish, however, only 1 of them look big enough to reach 1kg, all other crabs were small and tiny which should only weight a maximum 800gram.

Just an estimation, they have over charged us at least 1.5kg. (which I believe it could possibly over 2kg).

To all other people searching for this restaurant, my advise is DO NOT GO TO this restaurant!!!

Here is another blog which said similar thing happened in this restaurant. (it is in Simplified Chinese)

Restaurant Address and Contact:
461 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Australia
T: 02 9580 0918

Are the Drinks Safe in Chatime Australia?

Chatime – a popular milk tea franchise store in Australia. Most of the materials and ingredients were directly imported from Taiwan. Currenlty, news are everywhere in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan talking about the Drinks made in Taiwan has been affected by a chemical DEHP which makes the drink become poison to human.

More information can be found in this blog

The Heritage Court Restaurant in Hurstville 潮樓


The Heritage Court Restaurant is located on 33-35 Dora Street, Hurstville. It is right opposite to the Hurstville library.

I went there have dinner with Justin (but I was on another table 🙂 ). A set meal came with a whole fish, soup, chips, drink and desert. Food are good, if you are sick of Chinese Food in St. George Area (especially Hurstville). The Heritage Court is another option for your dinner 🙂

booking hotline : 02 9570 2178