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Photographer need a good Monitor?

I was talking to my photography teacher Felix Kwan about getting a new monitor for my Hackintosh. I am using a 5 years old LCD monitor, the colour is a bit funny + it is only a 15″ monitor. I think it is time for an upgrade. I looked at the market, a normal LCD is only around AUD$2xx. So I asked him what he will suggest to get a monitor for photography need. He suggested me to buy a monitor that uses IPS panel. After doing some research, IPS Panel provides the best colour – well, the best always the most expensive. Looking at 24″ LCD monitor, it is asking for AUD$649 (DELL U2410) if you want a bigger one 27″ DELL U2711 which is AUD$799. It is more than a double of a normal TN Panel monitor. Now the question is….. how good is IPS Panel?

Quoted from Dell web site (for U2410):
•Exceptional Screen Performance: Enjoy 1920×1200 maximum resolution, 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio and 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
•Vibrant, Accurate Color: PremierColor technology delivers color depth of 1.07 billion and 110% color gamut (typical)1
•Superb User Experience: Advanced digital connectivity, intuitive controls and ergonomic design for enhanced viewing comfort 
Before I heard/knew about what IPS Panel is, I always think that Apple’s Monitor shows better pictures. The colour of the Apple’s monitor looks richer (and at the same time they sell very expensive as well). After doing some more research, and I realise Apple’s Monitors are using IPS panel as well.

Apple 27″ Monitor – AUD$1299
Dell 27″ Monitor – AUD$799

Why would I pay more for Apple than? looking at the Tech info, respond time from Apple Monitor is 12ms while Dell only 6ms. So I am targeting a Dell monitor now, with the discount I have, I can get a brand new U2711 for $719.1 shipped. Now it is time for me to save up some money for the big screen!