Exetel is providing 7 months free ADSL2+ connection!

I have received an email from Exetel. It is a very good deal now for people who is not with Exetel or looking for change service provider. Exetel is now providing 7 months FREE internet connection for new customer who is referred by current customer. I am Exetel customer and I have received the following email. If you are looking for ADSL2+ connection, you may contact me and I will give you my service number to fill in the online order form. I get $30 as a commission and you get 7 months free!

Exetel Referral Program – $30 for YOU, and up to 7 Months FREE for your Friend

You may be aware, one of our suppliers has recently provided us with some very generous discounts in order to sign up NEW ADSL customers.

Instead of giving all of these discounts to the new customers, we are offering all of our current customers a $30 credit when referring a friend.

Until midnight on August 30th 2011, if a friend or relative applies to, and is successful in getting, one of our OT or OF ADSL2+ planshttp://www.exetel.com.au/a_plan_pricing_adsl2_new.php you will receive a $30 credit on your next bill, and your friend an additional 1 month FREE to the already 3 months FREE, being offered on the website, meaning a total of 4 Months FREE.

PLUS, if they order a Mobile CAP plan at the same time, they will also receive an additional 3 months FREE, which is a total of 7 Months FREE.

PLUS, you can refer as many friends as you wish in order to receive a $30 credit until August 30th.

In order to receive these credits your friend/relative must insert your Service Number in the required field.

For more information on this, log into Exetel Members Facilities, select “View Invoices”, then “How To Reduce Costs”.

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