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Moved !

My blog (http://blog.howardtang.com) and my photo blog (http://photo.howardtang.com) have been moved away from iiNet to my NBN home connection. Up time could be a problem as I still haven’t purchased a UPS for my system.

There are a few benefits moving the blog and photos blog back to my home server.

– save $60 a month VPS hosting fee
– able to provide IPv6 addresses to my blog
– able to back up my server anytime I want (And I can switch it off anytime I want)
– able to provide more bandwidth than hosting with iiNet! (40Mbps upload rate with NBN)

Stay tuned, I will let you know when IPv6 is setup!

NBN via Exetel

I have signed up a 100M/40M service using Exetel as the ISP. The download speed is very good, in my speed test, I get 91Mbps download and 38kbps upload.

Well, since I get a static IP address from Exetel, I am going to move my VPS from iinet to a physical server at home and run at home 24×7 with UPS backup.

Instead of paying $50 a month for iiNet, I think with the NBN connection, my server can run at a much lower cost and I back it up whenever I like.

A Cisco ASA firewall will be put in place to add additional security in my home network.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 11.03.27 AM