A Black Box for car

During my visit in Hong Kong last month, I saw something interesting in an¬†electronic shop. They were selling something called “Automotive Black Box” it is something like a “Block box” which used on an aeroplanes. It is also called an accident recorder, which can be used as a video¬†Evidence if you had an accident and someone was at fault. i.e someone reverse into you, but said you hit him from the back.I bought one back to Australia and had that installed in my car. It is something really interesting and can record all the thing that happened in front of you on the road. See the video I upload in this blog post, it showed you how a driver merged in front of me and didn’t give way to a trunk driver. And also clearly showed that he doesn’t know how to follow the dotted line while turning a conner, he is the kind of bad driver who fkn cause an accident on the road!!!

bad driver


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