Creating an ISE, ASA Lab at home without buying any hardware

I created a Lab to simulate a client’s situation yesterday on a ASA using GNS3 simulator. Suddenly, I want to create a Lab using the ability to connect GNS3 to a virtual machine. I am not sure if this will work, but I would like to write down the step here and share to everyone who have time to experiment this..

What you need (at least I believe what you need to have….)
– A powerful PC which you can run a few VMs
– A GNS3 installed on the host PC (prefer Windows OS, as all the guides are based on windows 7)

Using the ability to connects real device from GNS3, (in this case will be GNS3 connecting VM machines and host machines), enabling ip routing on the windows and allowing multiple VM networks to communicates…. I am hoping to do the following……

I have the Cisco ISE 1.0 NFR (Which I have upgraded to 1.1.2 by following the steps from Cisco Web Site). You can find my previous post about the Cisco ISE and the upgrade. The Cisco ISE is running in a VM. Now, what I need is the GNS3 and ASA. You can follow the steps from this link to setup an ASA in GNS3.

Once you have done that, follow the link below to create connection between the ASA in the GNS3 and other real machines. You can get the idea from this link and have it connected to your VM machine interface.

The next step, I will be following the cisco support forum able setting up the “VPN inline Posture using iPEP ISE and Cisco ASA”.

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