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Deploying 2 Cisco ISE Nodes using the ISE NFR Kit

If you have read my previous post, I have successfully upgraded the ISE 1.0MR to ISE 1.1.1. using the Cisco Installation and Upgrade Guide. According to the Cisco ISE deployment guide, we should able to deploy a secondary node as long as your have the license on the Primary node.
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Problems with Mountain Lion running in Windows 7 VMware Workstation 9

I was using a Hackintosh on my previous Quad2core desktop before upgarde to i7 3630k. I need more processing power to setup my Cisco study lab. I need to learn about their ISE, the CUCM, CUPS, NCS, UCCX, etc. After I have a i7 3630k, I have decided run VMWare EXSi 5, however, for some reason, it doesn’t recognize my Network Card and I was unable to install VMware EXIs 5.

I have installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and purchased the VMWare Workstation 9 to run VM on top of windows. I am happy with the result so far. Having 4 – 6 VM running with CPU load at lower than 20% most of the time, I know I can run a few more VMs.

Since I was using a Hackintosh, I would like to setup a Mac OS VM and mount my old file system back.
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Upgrade my desktop to i7 3930K

The Quad 2 core 2600 CPU with 8 Gb of memory is no longer good enough for me. With Cisco CCIE Voice study, I would like to setup some CISCO Voice related Lab at home. It may not a completed lab, but at least I would like to test some Cisco products so I can well prepared before I really need to work on some of its newest software.

As you may have seen my previous post about the Cisco ISE which runs on a VM. I was trying to have 2 ISE running as a primary and secondary node. However, due to lack of memory and CPU power, it runs very slow on the Quad2core system.

To learn new technology, you just have to invest time and money, without working on a real product, you will never know how it really work. Just like people tell you how to drive, you think you know how to drive, but you haven’t really driven a car, do you think you can drive it when you first jump into it?

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