Deploying 2 Cisco ISE Nodes using the ISE NFR Kit

If you have read my previous post, I have successfully upgraded the ISE 1.0MR to ISE 1.1.1. using the Cisco Installation and Upgrade Guide. According to the Cisco ISE deployment guide, we should able to deploy a secondary node as long as your have the license on the Primary node.

You can follow this link to get an idea on how your can setup an secondary node for high availability ISE deployment.

Before you preform the HA setup, this is some other note you need to read.

The most important part is the Application database password, because the ISE NFR kit was came in a pre-installed and pre-configured VM files, as a result, I don’t know what the application database password is. I have manually reset those passwords. After that, I create another VM and install 1.1.1 from the ISO image form Cisco.

To be continued……….

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