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Problems with Mountain Lion running in Windows 7 VMware Workstation 9

I was using a Hackintosh on my previous Quad2core desktop before upgarde to i7 3630k. I need more processing power to setup my Cisco study lab. I need to learn about their ISE, the CUCM, CUPS, NCS, UCCX, etc. After I have a i7 3630k, I have decided run VMWare EXSi 5, however, for some reason, it doesn’t recognize my Network Card and I was unable to install VMware EXIs 5.

I have installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and purchased the VMWare Workstation 9 to run VM on top of windows. I am happy with the result so far. Having 4 – 6 VM running with CPU load at lower than 20% most of the time, I know I can run a few more VMs.

Since I was using a Hackintosh, I would like to setup a Mac OS VM and mount my old file system back.
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