Moving Server From Physical Server to Virtual Machine

My physical server was hosted in a private data-center at Baulkham Hill, Sydney. It was connected with 3 different ISPs and using BGP to peer with those 3 ISPs for failover. My Server was there since 2008 and throughout the last 3 years there was only 2 downtimes. One was caused by fire in the car park and the other one was caused by an extended powre outage by Energy Australia.

With a physical server, I have built some services on this server and try to generate income to cover the colocation costs. Unfortunately, I have never reached the amount to cover the cost of hosting a physical server. As a result, I am pulling off my physical server off the data center and to move all my web site to a virtual server.

I signed up Crazydomains VPS last months and have everything moved to that VPS including my blogs and other web sites. Unfortunately, ever since I moved to their VPS, I have been continously receiving complaint about slow speed and slow respond from the server. One of the online shopping cart took nearly 5 minutes to load a full page. One of my clients used to upload images all the time, and he claimed that it took 10 times more! It used to be a 10 minuts job with the VPS in Crazydomains, it took him 1.5 hours to upload the images.

As a result, I have to look for another VPS provider. Two days ago, I signed up a VPS with iiNet. iiNet is a well known ISP and I believe they can provide something better. I will see if there is any complaint. I hope this move will be final and all the clients using my server will be happy with this VPS from iiNet.

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