iPhone4s (should it be called iPhone For Steve?)

Today iPhone4S released in Australia. I have already reserved one for myself yesterday. I am currently using an iPhone 4 32GB and I still have 22GB left in the Phone. So this time, I am not going to go for 32GB or 64GB. I have ordered myself a 16GB iPhone4S. I believe one of the reasons the I ordered the iPhone4S is because of the Siri function. After reading some reviews and the online instructions from Apple web site, sound like this Siri really can make my life easier!!

I drive a lot – spending at least 2 hours on the road everyday a voice command support on the phone will really helps. I have used the Google Nexus one and I did use the voice dictation for sms input. I think Apple has taken this a step futher, because looking at the demo, it understands your word not only dictation what you say but also action on what you said.

i.e. “remind me to call mum tomorrow”, it will set a remind in your phone.

I really want to test it once I have got my new iPhone 4 S, it will be interesting to test out my Chinese-Accent English.

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