Mac Lion 10.7.1 Released, but…..

I have updated to 10.7.1 few days ago. Test it and I didn’t notice any different to 10.7.0. May be after I have done the SMC and the maunal graphic card switching which have already resolved my short battery life issue. I did a search on google about what is updated in 10.7.1 and I found that the problem it listed I didn’t notice any of them while I am using that on my MBP.

The main concerns for other people still the battery issues on OS x Lion. However, there is no word about battery life improvement on the 10.7.1 and some people have also confirmed that 10.7.1 make no changes to battery life.

Look like only a few people are lucky enough like myself who can fix their battery life issue with SMC reset and the maunal graphic card switch trick.

Come on Apple, can you confirm your OS works properly before releasing them?

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