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Is Online Shopping Secure?? shop.waiwai.com.au was hacked!!

I was browsing the leading Chinese web site in Australia the other day and accidentally found that its shopping section got HACKED!! Wai wai online web site has been established in Sydney for a long time. It makes me think why this would happened on a online shopping web site. 

I didn’t know when this got hacked, but from the minutes I found that their shopping site was hacked until they fix the site took 2 days. What can a hacker do in 2 days? I personally haven’t purchased anything from their web site. I hope people who did business with them before didn’t lost any personal details. i.e. credit cards details, name and address, etc. because all those confidiential information can lead to idenity thief.

So far after the hacking incident, I didn’t see any annocement from Wai Wai web site about this incident. I think their users should be aware of what have happened on their web site.

I hope the wai wai web site users are aware of this incident and to change your password, and keep an eye on your bank statement/ credit card statement.

It is just like another Sony Play Station sercuity problem, but this is much smaller and only affect local Chinese people in Sydney (or other states in Australia) I believe… (as Waiwai.com.au is targeted Chinese in Sydney) .