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Real Life Fuel Consumption on Lexus CT200h

Before I get the CT200h, I have already done some research on the web about the fuel consumption. According to the owners in Australia, they are getting 5.2 – 5.5 L/100km. I also get some information from the overseas forums people in Taiwan and Hong Kong are able to achieve 4.1 – 4.5L/100km. There was an extreme case that someone in Taiwan filled up 44.75 Litre and drove for 1208km.

Now I have got my Lexus CT200h, it is time for me to find out the real fuel consumption. In Australia the official fuel consumption claim is 4.1L/100km. I have done 7000km since I had the car. I have driven that in all sort of situations. My experience of real world fuel consumption as follows:

Freeway drive (Hume Hwy from Sydney to Wagga Wagga) at 110km/h = 5.5L/100km

Metro Area Drive with speed limit at 70km/h – 4.2 – 4.7 L/100km

City Drive with always run out of battery and a lot of start/stop pattern 4.8 – 5.2L/100km

The above figure were my best achievement with Eco Mode and slow acceleration. I tried to minimize to put full throttle all the time and try to keep the car accelerate within the Eco section in the dash (you get blue light when you are within the Eco section).

My friend who drives the same car as me, his fuel consumption read 5.3L/100km. He accelerates normally and using normal mode without paying too much attention to save fuel. The Lexus CT200h can do over 800km a tank if you pay some attention during your acceleration, otherwise, the fuel consumption will be above 5L/100km.

Ever since I have my Lexus CT200h, the worst consumption record per tank was 4.9L/100km. The best consumption I have achieved per tank was 4.2L/100km.