Monthly Archives: April 2012

Google Adsense keep on working well……

I wrote an blog entry about the Google Adsense was working for me. Someone left me a comment and want me to talk about how I made it work…

I didn’t have an intention to make money via Google Adsense. I applied a Google Adsense account purely for testing purposes to see how many visitor I have and if anyone interested in the advertisement…..

My Adsense started generating money after I posted about the battery problem I have on the Apple’s new OS Lion. Supprisingly, there were a lot of people in the same boat as me having the same problem and searching for solutions on the internet….

And my blog entry was searched by the web search engine and matching the terms people search. All of a sudden, that post draw thoursands of visitors to my site. And the google adsense counter just keep on counting and seeing incoming from Google Adsense.

I guess if you want to make money from Adsense, you have to have quality contents which can drive visitors to your site and the more visitors you have, the more chance of getting more money from Adsense.

I am happy that my blog is generating a few dollars per month.


Registered the first fundraising event

I was searching for cycling event online and I came across a fundraising event – Ride to Riverstone 2012. This is a fundraising event for Childhood Cancer Research Foundation.

I have just registered and I will be doing the 80km ride. Please support the event by donate some money or register as a volunteer on the date. This will be my first cycling fundraising event.

More information can be found Ride to Riverstone

Please contact me if you wish to donate to support my ride.


Cycling in Sydney

Just before I picked up cycling again, I think I haven’t been cycling for over 12 years ever since I have moved to Sydney.

I remembered when I was going to High School in Hong Kong, I used to go cycling nearly every weekend with my classmates. A group of 4 rent a bicycle at Tai Wai and then headed north to Sha Tin and sometimes even Fan Ling.

Back in those days, we did that for fun. It is not for training or excerise, just a day out have fun with mates. Hong Kong off road cycleways were well established already back in that time, it was safe and no need to worry too much about cars.

I have never riden on a bicycle ever since I have arrived Sydney. Reasons are :
1. I don’t have a bike and I don’t know where to rent one.
2. I didn’t realise there are off road bike path around.

So ended up I didn’t have a chance to get back into cycling. Until recently, a friend who moved into Ermington started cycling nearly every weekends. I was interested on cycling, so I asked him where is safe to ride, and he told me there is cycleway around right next to Parramatta River and Sydney Olypmic Park. The cycleway is just right next to his home!

After knowing this, I went to buy my 1st bike in Australia and it was a Cannondale Quick 3 flat bar hybrid bike. I went with him do a few Laps in the cycleway (mixed with a short section of quiet street). And now I am addicted into cycling and I have upgrade my bike to a dropped bar roadie.


Photos from Tasmania Business Trip

I have brought my camera with me during last month business trip to Tasmania. I went to a few beautiful place in Tasmania – Mt Field National Park, Mt Wellington, Scotts Peak Dam, Lake Peddy, Lake Gordon, Lake Gordon Dam, etc.

I have updated my photo blog on with some of the photos I took while I was in Tasmania. Welcome to make comments to the photo and rate them 🙂