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Mac Lion 10.7.1 Released, but…..

I have updated to 10.7.1 few days ago. Test it and I didn’t notice any different to 10.7.0. May be after I have done the SMC and the maunal graphic card switching which have already resolved my short battery life issue. I did a search on google about what is updated in 10.7.1 and I found that the problem it listed I didn’t notice any of them while I am using that on my MBP.

The main concerns for other people still the battery issues on OS x Lion. However, there is no word about battery life improvement on the 10.7.1 and some people have also confirmed that 10.7.1 make no changes to battery life.

Look like only a few people are lucky enough like myself who can fix their battery life issue with SMC reset and the maunal graphic card switch trick.

Come on Apple, can you confirm your OS works properly before releasing them?


Network Planning and Documentation is important!

I have worked in private company and I have also worked in public company. I found that documentation is important for all networks. Without a detailed network diagram, it is so hard for trouble-shooting. Not to mention to maintain it, just to make myself to understand the networks may take up a whole week (depends on the network size). One thing I have learnt from different jobs, the more documentation about the network, the easier and quicker for me to get my job done.

Not only a detailed network diagram is needed, a rack layout diagram should be part of the documentation. I have been in a satuation openning a rack with full of equipment on a 42RU rack. I have to go through the label on each device one by one to find out the right equipment for me to work on.  If there is a nice rack layout diagram, I can have a good picture of how the rack look like and save a lot time of finding the right device.

I think being a great engineer, not only good technical knowledge is needed but also a excellent documentation skill to provide good information for other engineer to work on your work.


A bad comment received about some of the photos I posted

Photography is my hobby. I recently received a comment on my blog saying that my photos are bad and pretent to be a professional photographer. I can tell you I am not a professional. Taking photo is just my hobby. There are people think my photos are good and of course there are people think my photos are bad. Photography is like art, different people holds different views. If you don’t like my photos, you can close the page or skip this page. No need to make a comment “Asians that have a professional camera thinks they are professional, and they don’t even hold the camera right”. Nowadays, technology makes life easier. Even a 3 years old kid can press a button to take a photo. He may take a very good photo by just one click without knowing what photographic is.

Some The One Magazine Photos


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Thanks to Dilin who found a real fix to Lion Battery Problem

Dilin has made a comment on the post about the battery problem with Lion. He found a real fix to have the battery life back to where it was in SL. I am going to follow his intruction and test it. For now, I am going to advertise the fix here. (I think my blog somehow always in the first page in google search……..

The link is here


More Problem caused by Lion

I realised one more problem caused by Lion – My little snitch firewall is not working any more after upgraded from Lion.

I noticed this because I haven’t recieve the warning message from that for a long time and when I went into the configuration, it said the file is corrupted and I need to reinstall it.

I have read someone saying that the Lion upgrade also create troubles for other software on the forum. I think Lion is really giving people a lot of headache.

Sotfware crash, battery, preformance downgrade,…… I am sure this list is growthing is Apple is not going to release a “fix” for all the that…..

I used to love my MBP, but I started to feel sick of it now…..