Beware of $8.8/half kg Crab – 南苑海鮮酒家 Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Just had a dinner at Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant (located in Beverly Hills, Sydney) with some of my friends, the reason we picked that restaurant was because my friends want to have the discounted crabs there. As advertised on their food menu, Monday to Friday Dinner Crabs are selling at $8.8 per half kg. which is $17.6 per kg. What I normally see those in the market is around $29.99 per kg, which is nearly 45% off the market price + someone cook them for you. Sound like it is a good deal.

We have 12 people and we ordered a total 7.4kg Crabs, when the dishes arrived we looked at them, we found that the size of the crabs didn’t look like they worth 1kg each. there were a total of 7 crabs in the dish, however, only 1 of them look big enough to reach 1kg, all other crabs were small and tiny which should only weight a maximum 800gram.

Just an estimation, they have over charged us at least 1.5kg. (which I believe it could possibly over 2kg).

To all other people searching for this restaurant, my advise is DO NOT GO TO this restaurant!!!

Here is another blog which said similar thing happened in this restaurant. (it is in Simplified Chinese)

Restaurant Address and Contact:
461 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Australia
T: 02 9580 0918


6 responses to “Beware of $8.8/half kg Crab – 南苑海鮮酒家 Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant

  1. Damn right

    Cheating ……….

  2. Mate, thats a bit harsh by accusing them cheating by assuming the weight of the crab by just looking at it, DO YOU KNOW they shrink after you cook them and the they calculate the weight BEFORE they cook them!! SO DON’T BAG about others when you can ‘t get the fact right!! I took some of my mates out and we all enjoyed the flavour of the crab as well as the service, it was quick and efficient and GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY. I don’t think you should be so quick to judge over your ‘assumption’ of 200gram of weight as you don’t seem to be a STINGY person. All business need to make money so you shouldn’t put them down while they are trying hard to give you a crab to enjoy with 45% off.

    I will certainly go back there as our mates all find the meals unique, good taste and vibrant environment to dine. You guys should try their other meals next time – trust me, it is a good restaurant to go to.

  3. Ken, Sound like you work for this restaurant. I am not the only one have the same bad experience. Cheating on the weight on Sea Food are very common in Chinese Restaurant. 90% of the Chinese restaurant cheats one their customers. i.e. 900gram will sell as 1Kg. I think this is totally acceptable. however, if the portion is too much that we cannot accept, this is not good.

  4. excuse me Howard, I don’t work in restaurants. I work in the IT industry. Having to come from an asian background, I also know how they weight the seafood and we all find it acceptable, we wont nag over extra GRAMS, especially not 200 gram which is $3 or $4 in your case. If you can’t afford $4 then I suggested you don’t go to any of the seafood restaurant – go out to a river, catch a crab, go home and cook it yourself.

    I don’t find it ethical to create bad vibe through blog via subjective opinions. I suggested if you want to promote your website, be objectives and unbiased.

  5. It was dated in June 2011 when I posted that. They may have improved ever since that. I was living in Beverly Hills for almost 5 years and I have tried all the Chinese Restaurants on that street. Which one is good which one is shit, I know very well.

    The one mentioned in my post here, I will recommend if you are not going to have seafood there. My Uncle, my friends , etc all got bad experienced with them. If a restaurant is good, I wouldn’t post this. Why do I have to bad mouth someone / restaurant?

    Showing others what I have experience with them, it may be good to teach them not to cheat customers. Customers are not idiot.

    May be they have improved since June 2011. If my friends invite me again to that restaurant, I wouldn’t say no.

    If I want to have Crabs, I normally go to 興記海鮮酒家 Masthai Seafood Restaurant on the same street. They never sell their seafood at discount price. and I am very happy for their food and their service. Once you have tried Masthai Seafood Restaurant, the other restaurants on that street is just a joke.

    And your concept is wrong, you should tell that restaurant, if they cannot afford to sell their Crab at a discount rate, than, just don’t give discount and do business properly!

    I have never found a problem when I have my dinner in Masthai Seafood Restaurant.

  6. Lyrian Kennedy

    I just tried Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant and I can say I will never go back for takeaway ever again. I ordered bbq pork with honey sauce/soy sauce. It was very waterey in the flavour the bbq pork was tuff as old leather boots and didnt even look that nice either. My husband oredered sizzling fillet steak with chinese style sauce i can say it was edible but not the best and the fried rice what a shocker no flavour to it at all. It tasted like boiled rice with pits of chicken,peas and egg with something that was trying to pass as prawns this is the worst chinese i have ever had i will never go there ever again.

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