5 responses to “Use your italkbb on your own soft phone client

  1. Can you explain how you get the IP address for the proxy? My proxy is p1g5m22.italkbb.com, but I can’t ping to get the ip address of the proxy.

    • Did you manage to get the configuration file? if you did, you will see a italkbb DNS ip. you can use nslookup or dig to lookup the ip address. i.e “nslookup p1g5m22.italkbb.com italkbbdnsip”

  2. Hi Howard;
    I agree with your comment on Italkbb, I just ordered the service yesterday, and I spent whole day to call them for help (very frustrated) and refused to give me admin password. Finally they used Teamview to login as admin, and let me see 5 five minutes, then closed. I just write down the DNS: & DNS 2 and proxy server p2g8k86.italkbb.com sip password is hided and I backed up the configure file called SPA122_1.3.5.cfg
    First, Ask for help how to open the backup configure file to access the admin password.
    Second, I used “nslookup p2g8k86.italkbb.com” it shows Server :spa122; Address : (default Ethernet port IP address)
    Third, I don’t have a switch and how to use Wireshark to capture , I have difficult to use the Wireshark. could you tell me more.
    Thanks indeed.

  3. I have capture the package, there is no configuration, after the TCP package of TCP segment of a reassembled PDU, is the TLSv1 package of Application data with length of 133, is there anything wrong?

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