Monthly Archives: July 2012

Cisco licensing make me crazy

I am getting sick of finding what license I need for this and for that. Working on a IP Telephony project using Cisco CUCM with a lot of its associated products, such as Unified Messaging, Contact Center….. The number of license… and also the type of license… is more than enough to make me crazy.

A Cisco Representative told me that if I want to setup sip trunk on the CUCM, I need to get license. However, I remember CUCM support SIP trunk, you can actually setup a SIP trunk to another PBX/SIP Server in the CUCM GUI. Oh… another Cisco Representative told me that , I need a license when I setup a SIP trunk on a gateway. – Border Element License….

Damn, after all the trouble…. I think it will be a lot easier to setup an Asterisk box to achieve what need to be done….. Why Cisco make this so hard?


CUCM and Cisco Unity Connection

I haven’t touched Cisco VOICE product ever since 2008. The last time I used CUCM (it was called CCM) was in 2008 while Cisco Call Manager was still in version 4.3. Technology has changed a lot since, Cisco has released CUCM 5, 6, 7, 8. and by end of 2012, they are releasing CUCM Version 9.

I think it’s time for me to catch up the technology. I am not going to do a CCIE Voice, however, I have to at least make myself familiar with the CUCM product. Hence, I have asked the company to get a NFR CUCM Kit for me to play with.

I have installed the CUCM 8.6 and Cisco Unity Connection on the VMware fusion 4 (for Mac OS). It was a bit tricky when I trying to install the Unity Connection, as it keep on saying the Hardware (VM Setting) doesn’t support it. If you are looking at setup a Cisco Voice Lab, I suggest to use the following setting.

For CUCM 8.6.
– 1 core CPU
– 2 gb memory
– 76 gb of HDD

For Unity Connection
– 2 core CPU
– 4 gb memory
– 200 gb of HDD
– 200 gb of HDD (you need 2 HDD, otherwise, you cannot install Unity Connection)

You can see the different of the setup screen if you have different Hardware setting.


Cycling is healthy

I have started cycling since Jan, 2012. I have ridden over 1500km so far ever since I started cycling. Friends who haven’t seen me for a few months said that I look thinner than before. My skin looks better and my face looks younger. Also, I found that my dummy fat has reduced a lot as well. At a point, I had to wear 32″ waist size jeans,and I am now back on 30″. My weight has also gone from 72kg down to 68kg now. I think the best proof is the blood presuress reading. My blood presuress always sat at a boader level which classified between a normal high and high (128/89 – 131/92). After 6 months of riding, my blood presuress has dropped to a ideal/normal level (114/74).

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