Found a cool Bike Rack for CT200H

I have been looking for a bike rack for my car (Lexus CT200h). Unfortunately, there is not a factory option for bike rack in Australia. So I have too look for other options.

A friend of mine have installed a roof rack on a CT200h, he can put his bike on top of CT200h. but loading the bike up on the roof of the car is not something I want to do.

I saw there is a bike carrier factory option in Begium, however, I couldn’t find a way to import that here…..Until I saw a very cool bike rack in Hong Kong. It was made in USA and the brand is Saris. I think this is the best bike rack I have seen so far. It doesn’t block any tail light as well as the number plate. The way you put the bike on the rack reduce a lot of air resistant as well. Moreover, I can drive throught my garage door with out problem. With a bike on it, the height is around 2.1 Meter. I should say this bike rack have the advantage of roof rack as well as the traditional bike rack. Now it is time to see some pictures!


2 responses to “Found a cool Bike Rack for CT200H

  1. What is the model of the rack!???? Really nice, i have a ct200h as well and this bike rack is ideal!

  2. I have a CT200h and WANT this rack! What is the model of the rack? None of the racks on Saris’ website look like this one. I really like the wind resistance and minimal window blockage.

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