A bad comment received about some of the photos I posted

Photography is my hobby. I recently received a comment on my blog saying that my photos are bad and pretent to be a professional photographer. I can tell you I am not a professional. Taking photo is just my hobby. There are people think my photos are good and of course there are people think my photos are bad. Photography is like art, different people holds different views. If you don’t like my photos, you can close the page or skip this page. No need to make a comment “Asians that have a professional camera thinks they are professional, and they don’t even hold the camera right”. Nowadays, technology makes life easier. Even a 3 years old kid can press a button to take a photo. He may take a very good photo by just one click without knowing what photographic is.

Some The One Magazine Photos


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3 responses to “A bad comment received about some of the photos I posted

  1. Hi, no need to worry: I like most of the shots. I’m just an amateur photographer myself. You chose nice backgrounds for the most images and most are tack sharp. Came across your website because of the lion power management stuff, stayed to look at the images. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Rudi 🙂

  3. Every body have their own perception, for someone it could be piece of art and for other it could be a mess. Its the eye behind the Digital camera which makes the difference. The waste for someone other can create a master piece. Always do whats makes you happy.

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