My Blog is IPv6 ready!! IPv6 day is coming!!

ipv6 ready

My web site is now IPv6 ready. You can visit my blog via IPv6 connections. Unfortunately, it is IPv6 over IPv4, as a result it should be slower than IPv4. I have purchased a new server and will be install to a colocation which will provide me a native IPv6 connection. By that time, using IPv6 to access my blog should be a lot faster than using IPv4. (only 1% of the world is using IPv6 at the moment. So, it shouldn’t be congested.)

I hope I will see more people get on IPv6.


2 responses to “My Blog is IPv6 ready!! IPv6 day is coming!!

  1. Hi Howard,
    I just wanted to give you a heads up… I tried to verify IPv6 on your blog and it failed.

  2. try cloudflare you might be able to go ipv6 without the costly server (o:

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